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Added Textbooks

OJAD word search as a textbook guide

OJAD word search makes use of several textbooks. To make it possible to perform chapter searchers, we have given word search a guide-like format. We have selected the textbooks based on requests from Japanese language teachers. However, their number is still insufficient. We intend to add more textbooks in the future. For this work, we ask for 1) teachers requesting the textbook to be added or 2) publishers to provide the information below. If we have the below information, we will be able to meet these requests in a prompt fashion. If it is not provided, we cannot guarantee this.

About adding textbooks

Needed are the 4 items below.

  1. Permission to add the textbook glossaries to OJAD. A formal grant of permission from the publisher and authors is needed.
  2. Description of the textbook. For example, the description for "Minna No Nihongo" is given below. Typically, the information obtained from the publisher's website is used.
  3. If there is a webpage for that website, please provide its URL. If you click on the image for "Minna No Nihongo" it will bring you to the website for the textbook.
  4. Glossaries. Explained below.

About glossaries

The information we need you to provide is given in excel ファイル. On the first page, the information we need you to provide and on the second page an explanation is given. Without this, it will not be possible to search by chapter so be sure to supply it. Also, for the parts of speech, follow the parts of speech listed in the Excel file. If you cannot follow the guide in the Excel file, please contact us.

Can we have any textbook appear on OJAD?

Japanese textbooks range from textbooks used worldwide to those used in a specific region or even in a specific classroom. At present, we would like to offer the latter as well. If you have an original textbook and would like to use OJAD as an extension to that for prosody education, we encourage you to use OJAD.