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Before using...

Before using...

This accent dictionary is a product of the collaborative efforts of individuals involved in the project "Development of an Online Japanese Accent Dictionary using a Corpus for Japanese Language Education" (Project leader: Prof. Minematsu) of the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics. It was developed to be used for academic research and educational purposes. We ask that you refrain from using this site in for-profit ventures.


We would like to express our gratitude to the organizations and individuals below.

Information related to the 6 levels of vocabulary difficulty (Lower Beginner, Upper Beginner, Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Lower Advanced, Upper Advanced) was provided by the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research project "Research for the formulation of basic grounds for the construction of a general database for the development of Japanese language learners' dictionaries" (Project leader: Prof. Sunagawa). For details, you can check this paper.

All audio samples are from the voices of Ueda Masako (Female) and Kato Hiroki (Male), two professional Japanese voice actors.

At the end of 2012, we carried out a survey of Japanese language teachers from throughout the world. Also, through Inquiries, we have received a wide range of comments and requests. We appreciate the ideas we have received and would like to consider them in the future development of OJAD.

Development Group

OJAD is continually being developed and maintained by the collaborative efforts of Japanese language teachers and speech and language engineers. The members of the development group are given below.

Project Leader:Nobuaki Minematsu (University of Tokyo)
Pedagogy Team:Hiroko Hirano (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Chieko Nakagawa (Waseda University)
Noriko Nakamura (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Yukinori Tagawa (Waseda University)
Engineering Team:Ibuki Nakamura (Previously: University of Tokyo, Presently: Fujitsu)
Keikichi Hirose (University of Tokyo)
Hiroya Hashimoto (University of Tokyo)
Tomoyuki Mizukami (Previously: University of Tokyo, Presently: Fujitsu)
Former Member:Masayuki Suzuki
(Previously: University of Tokyo, Presently: IBM Research - Tokyo)

Localization Group

Englishショート グレッグ(SHORT Greg)
Indonesianヘニ ヘルナワティ(HENI Hernawati)
Koreanソヌ ミ(선우 미,SONU Mee)
Chineseラ トクアン(羅 徳安,LUO Dean)
Vietnameseグェン ドゥック ズイ(NGUYEN Duc Duy)
Vietnameseサイ ティ マイ(SAI Thi May)
Germanヤマダ ボヒネック ヨリコ,Dr.(山田 ボヒネック 頼子,Dr.,Dr. YAMADA-BOCHYNEK Yoriko)
Germanフロンマン ベルトルト(FROMMANN Berthold)
Russianイブラヒム インガ(Ибрахим Инга,IBRAKHM Inga)
Thaiチャワーリン・サウェッタナン, Dr.(ดร. ชวาลิน เศวตนันทน์、Dr. SVETANANT Chavalin)
Spanishデルガド アルガラ エミリオ ホセ, Dr.(Dr. DELGADO ALGARRA Emilio José)
Swedishトリーン エリック (TOLLIN Erik)
ポルトガル語フォンセカ マルコ (FONSECA Marco)
イタリア語パッパラルド ジュゼッペ, Dr. (Dr. PAPPALARDO Giuseppe)
フランス語クランジュ シルヴァン(COULANGE Sylvain)