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Prosody Tutor

This will display a pitch contour taking account of accentual changes for the sentence that was input. With ",、.。,.?!?!::" "//" and line breaks it is possible for you to enter phrase breaks. With the symbols "。..?!?!" and the line break, you can end sentences. A sentence end will always be a phrase end. This also works for question sentences. Unlike OJAD Textbook Version, the analysis of morphology and prediction of accent boundaries and accent kernels are done by automatic speech processing techniques so the performance is not 100% accurate. However, we still urge you to use this for your Japanese language studies.

The details for the Read-aloud Features can be viewed at here. View the note at the below.
Also, this functionality uses Research Progress from KDDI research laboratory.

Notes concerning text read-aloud

The settings for the read-aloud feature "Pitch Pattern" and "Accent Above Text" can only be used if are both set to advanced or beginner. If both are settings are set to Beginner&Beginner, the given text will be read the same as for the settings Advanced&Advanced. OJAD does not support the reading of the prosodic pattern at the level Beginner&Beginner. Changes made using the pitch editor will also only be reflected if the settings are both Advanced&Advanced.

The length of the pause for commas and periods and /symbol are all different. /symbol has a shorter pause than periods and commas.

OJAD strictly forbids the use of speech audio generated by Suzuki-kun to be read into software, websites, or technology other than OJAD or for any site indirectly use Suzuki-kun's speech generation feature. Loading/recording the speech generated by Suzuki-kun into a computer or other machine for the purposes of research or language study does not fall under under these prohibited acts.