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Supported browsers-

How to Play Audio

On OJAD, we have provided over 80,000 speech samples. By clicking the "male/female" button, the speech sample will be played. It is possible to play solely by word or to play an entire column or row or page. Clicking will playback the word and shift+click will download the audio file in MP3 format. If the web browser does not provide this functionality, it may not be possible to play the audio. We recommend that you use a browser that supports audio tags. For some web browsers, it may be possible to download the audio file, even if it is not possible to play it.

We have listed the web browsers that support audio tags below.

Internet ExplorerVer. 9 or above (We have provided special support for Internet Explorer 8 so it is possible to play speech with it. However, it will not be possible to output the sound column, row, or page-wise.
FirefoxVer. 3.6 or above
ChromeVer. 3 or above
OperaVer. 10.5 or above
Mac OS
SafariVer. 4 or above
FirefoxVer. 3.6 or above
ChromeVer. 5 or above

For web browsers other than the ones listed above, we ask that you ask the computer technician of your place of work to determine whether your browser supports audio tags or not.

Note: It has been reported that the row, column, and page playback features do not properly work with iOS and Android. These features can be used with PC-based operating systems such as Windows and Mac.