Demo. of Analysis Re-synthesis system "PROSODY ver1.1"

"PROSODY ver1.1"

This page presents a brief demonstration of Analysis Re-synthesis System "PROSODY ver1.1". Compared to "PROSODY ver1.0", the quality of synthesized speech has been greatly improved. I'll very much appreciate if you send me some comments by E-mails.
Its overview is like this.

The Japanese version is here.

What is "Analysis Re-synthesis" ?

"Analysis Re-synthesis" is one of speech synthesis techniques, where prosodic features and segmental features consisting in speech are firstly extracted (analysis), and the reverse processing of the analysis is conducted secondly (synthesis). If some modifications are performed on the above two features before the reverse processing(synthesis), lots of kinds of speech can be obtained from a single original speech.

If both of the above two features can be completely and absolutely defined and extracted, the synthesized speech after some parameter modifications will result in presenting high quality. But it's very hard to realize it....(^_^;)

This system can manipulate two acoustic parameters, fundamental frequency (F0) and speaking rate.

This tool was designed in order to produce speech stimuli for perceptual experiments. And it will be ftp available in the near(?) future.

Demo. by Japanese speech materials(ver 1.1)

Demo. by American English speech materials(ver 1.0)
!!! Currently, NOT AVAILABLE !!!

In the figures of pitch patterns, dots ('+' marks) represent F0 values extracted from the original speech. Solid curves are the pitch patterns used for the Re-synthesis.
In the Pitch Modification-0 in Japanese and English, the solid curve was drawn manually so that it would be fitted very well to the original F0 values ('+').

Why don't you listen to the above re-synthesized speech with your eyes following the pitch pattern used for each re-synthesis.

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