For accommodation, please go to the registration page below and register your name and finish the advance registration procedure. Then proceed to the hotel reservation procedure.

You can make reservations for the following three hotels from the registration page.

Nara Hotel, Mitsui Garden Hotel Nara, Nara Washington Hotel Plaza.

Mitsui Garden Hotel Nara will be a main hotel for SP2004; most of the organizing committee members and invited persons will stay there. Nara Hotel is the highest-grade and closest to the conference venue (around 1.2 km). Since Nara-ken New Public Hall (venue) is located in the Nara park, where no hotels are allowed, all the hotels are rather far away. Both of Mitsui Garden Hotel Nara and Nara Washington Hotel Plaza are located near JR Nara station (note that there are two Nara stations, one for JR and the other for KiNtetsu) and are around 2.5 km away from the venue. There is a public transportation (bus) from these hotels to the venue. (Check the Venue page for the detail.)

To those need a room with lower price:

There are several economy hotels around JR Nara station area and Kintetsu ShiN-Ohmiya station area. The SuperHotel will be a good one. They can accept reservations through e-mail written in English. If you have an interest, please check the followings and reserve by yourself:

For English Click Here

For Japanese Click Here

For hotel locations, check the Map of Nara at Travel Information page.