Computer Vision & Image Processing

  1. Stanford Image Vision System Engineering
  2. Computer Vision Group in CMU
  3. USC Computer Vision Group
  4. On-Line Compendium of Computer Vision
  5. Berkely Computer Vision Group
  6. The Computer Vision Industry
  7. Computer Vision Laboratory UMD
  8. Vision and Model Group in MIT Media
  9. Vision Group in MIT AI
  10. Image Processing and Analysis Group
  11. Image Processing Fundamentals
  12. Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Lab at MSU
  13. The MathWorks - Image Processing Toolbox
  14. Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography: Table of Contents

Machine Learning

  1. Machine Learning Network Online Information Service
  2. Kernel machines
  3. Comprehensive machine learning resources from Applications to Tutorials
  4. Boosting research
  5. Reinforcement Learning Repository
  6. Computational Learning Theory
  7. Manifold Learning Resource Page

Handwrittern Analysis

  1. Document Image Understanding and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) information and resources in UMD
  3. Pen Computing
  4. Off-line handwritten character recognition: READ
  5. On-line Recognition of Handwritten Characters project at Helsinki University of Technology
  6. Written Language Input a book chapter
  7. Recognizing Handwritten Mathematics