Handwriting Database

This page lists some on/off-line handwriting database for academic use. Some of them can be downloaded free while others may need application. Please let me (qiao at know if you know other handwriting database for public use.

Online Handwriting Database

  • Online Western Handwritting Unipen Database

  • 5 million characters, from more than 2200 writers. (Large variance.) (about 110USD)
  • IRESTE IRONOFF Online/Offline Handwriting database.
    It includes 4 086 isolated digits, 10 685 isolated lower case letters, 10 679 isolated upper case letters + 410 EURO signs and 31 346 isolated words from a 197 word lexicon (French: 28 657 and English: 2 689). Please refer to the word file for obtaining.
  • TUAT Nakagawa Lab Online Handwritting Database

  • Online Kanji (Chinese) Handwritting Database. Need application.
  • Online Handwritting Digits in UCI machine learning database

  • 7494 training cases, 3498 test cases
    Avaliable at
  • UJI Pen Characters Data Set (for UJIpenchars) and UJIpenchars2

  • letters + 10 digits

    Offline Handwriting Database

  • Etl Kanji (Chinese) and Kana Database

  • Collected by Electrotechnical Laboratory,in Japan. These databases ETL1 - ETL9 contain about 1.2 million hand-written and machine-printed character images which include Japanese, Chinese, Latin and Numeric characters for character recognition researches. The databases are freely available for research purposes (application is necessary).
  • NIST Handprinted Forms and Characters Database

  • It includes handprinted sample forms from 3600 writers, 810,000 character images isolated from their forms, ground truth classifications for those images, reference forms for further data collection, and software utilities for image management and handling. Its price is 90USD.
  • THE MNIST DATABASE of handwritten digits

  • It is a subset of a larger set available from NIST, which includes a training set of 60,000 examples, and a test set of 10,000 examples. This database has been widely used in machine learning.
  • IAM Database for Off-line Cursive Handwritten Text

  • The database contains forms of unconstrained western handwritten text. It includes 27'000 isolated words (400 pages).
  • CEDAR Handwritten Database

  • CD-1, a database of handwritten words, ZIP Codes, Digits and Alphabetic characters (950 USD). CD-2, a database of machine-printed Japanese character images (1,500 USD).
  • Cambridge Handwritten Word Images

  • Size of database : 4000 words / 35 Megabytes (compressed) +700 words / 11 Megabytes (compressed)
    Available at: pub/data/lob.tar (35MB), numbers.tar (11MB), handwriting_page_image.tar.gz (1MB)

    Signature Database

  • Signature Verification Competition 2004 Database

  • Online signature database. 40+40=80 subjects (20 Genuine and 20 Forgery). Both English and Chinese signatures.
  • MCYT Online and Offline Signature Database

  • 100 subjects. Offline 75 users. Application is necessary.
  • Caltech Signature Database

  • Online signature obtained by using camera.
  • Offline GPDS signature database

  • Offline signature database. 160 individuals( 24 genuine + 30 forgeries)
  • HIT-MW Chinese Signature database