Video Submission and Copyright Transfer

You have to prepare two files, a presentation video (mp4 format) and the thumbnail image of the video (jpeg format). The thumbnail image should be the title page of your presentation. 16:9 widescreen aspect is strongly recommended but 4:3 aspect can be accepted. Resolutions of 1280 x 720 (=16:9) and 960 x 720 (=4:3) are high enough for viewing.

Please follow the instructions below.

A. Upload your files to a cloud-based storage service.

1) The filenames should be
Authors may have more than one registration id numbers, and in this case, any one of them is allowed. Brackets in the filenames should be removed.
Ex) video_025_013.mp4, image_025_013.jpg

2) Please upload the two files onto your cloud-based storage and obtain the two URLs of the two files, with which the organizers can download the files.
If you are a user of Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox, etc, these services are available for the organizers to download your files.
If you are not a user of these services, the following free storage service is available for you and the organizers.

3) The two URLs for download are needed to complete the submission process below. Some storage services allow you to set a password for download. If you set a password, you have to show the URL and its password to the organizers.

If you have any technical problem, please make contact with us.

B. Submission and copyright transfer